Welcome to the new era of online payments.
Accepting payments is no longer a problem, but a competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking to service your online shop, or open the doors of international markets, Rocketbit is the way to go. Paying is the final step a customer takes. It's important that the experience is smooth and simple on all devices and platforms.
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Merchant Account
Do you have an online shop and wish to accept debit and credit card payments from anywhere in the world? A Rocketbit Payments merchant account will allow you exactly that.
Fast registration
We handle AML/KYC verifications with a risk-based approach. But don't worry,  onboarding and completing KYC takes less than 5 minutes.
When it comes to payouts, three things matter the most: speed, safety and choice. We  offer a multitude of ways to pay out partners, customers, vendors and freelancers. 
Smooth integration
We can accept or send crypto on your behalf via simple API integration. That gives you the freedom to build your business the way you want it!
Don't leave it for tomorrow
We built Rocketbit to grow with you
Start buying and selling crypto in a 3 steps:

1Contact with us

2Make integration on your website

3Go live

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